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Taj Amity Pavilion

Taj Amity Pavilion – Competition

Location: Gate Of India, Mumbai
Status: Conceptual
Award: Honorable Mention


The Taj Amity Pavilion portrays solidarity and resilience towards terrorism, paying homage to the soldiers and civilians fallen during the dastardly and mindless 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. The design aims to unite every citizen, regardless of religion and nationality, to help eradicate terrorism from the world.

We look back into the city’s past, reminiscing the prolonged periods of peace and harmony interrupted periodically with fierce terror attacks. This is expressed by the dramatic light and shadow through solids and voids introduced in the structure. The extremity of violence is depicted by pierced steel plates resembling bullet holes, an uneasy reminder to the acts of fanaticism. The rusted triangulated truss work, piercing through the pavilion, is directed towards the Taj Palace Hotel, which suffered the major brunt of 26/11.

Throughout time, the spirit of Mumbai never doused, standing tall and proud against the evil forces.
The dynamic exhibits inside the pavilion exude peace and amity amongst the visitors while honoring the soldiers who laid down their lives during the attack. The illuminated axes originating from the 26/11 target locations converge at a point emerging as a spire, echoing the city’s resilience and courage. From its pinnacle, an infinite white beam of light emanates into the sky, a tribute to the enduring spirit of Mumbai and its ability to bounce back. The pavilion’s exit opens to the pigeon enclave, leaving the visitors with a sense of hope, peace and fraternity, joining hands to end all acts of terror.